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The formulas vary from query to query. In other words: each aesthetic doctor has his favorite filling. There is considerable agreement that the most natural and easy to use temporary filler is hyaluronic acid. Surely you like Restylane or juvederm: it is a trademark. Some laboratories have developed special hyaluronic acid formulas for lips. Ask your doctor.

If you don't like the result, you can delete it. If at the end of the session you do not look good with your new lips, do not worry. You can undo the effect of hyaluronic acid in a matter of minutes thanks to an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

Prices vary greatly. The important thing is that it is a doctor who does the treatment and not seek to lower the price at all costs. We must ensure that the product injected to us has passed all health checks and has all the guarantees.

The filling will last from four to six months. The faster your metabolism goes, the faster your body will absorb the filling.

You can ask for your lips to sleep. If you are afraid of not supporting the discomfort of the prick, they can apply cream anesthesia to sleep the area or even anesthetize you from the gum as the dentist had.

Do not schedule important appointments or gym. Although the procedure does not last more than 20 minutes and the anesthesia goes away in 15, it is better not to go to any important appointment in case there is any swelling. It is also convenient to avoid physical activities that can increase blood flow in the face, massages or facials.

You can't clone anyone's lips. The form they will have is totally determined with the original, but in the consultation you can decide with the help of the doctor how far it is appropriate to get with the fillings.

Imperfections may appear. They are the result of injecting very close to the surface. Many times these small packages disappear over time and, in any case, can be corrected.

Consult in case of tendency to herpes. It is probably necessary to take some medication days before treatment, to prevent injections from triggering the infection.

The lips return to their original state. When the effect of the filling is finished, if the treatment is not continued, in no way appears excess skin or anything similar. However, it can happen that the production of hyaluronic acid by the body itself is stimulated and they maintain some volume.

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