Eyelash Extensions Basic - Classic & Volume

Do you want to become a professional? Enjoy the course and learn exclusive techniques from professionals in Eyelash Extensions.

Why this course?

Help people feel and look beautiful through a revolutionary non-invasive beauty treatment. Do work that makes you happy and brings important changes to beauty industry.

What are lash extensions?
Two techniques:
Classics are the Extensions one by one
Volume or Russian volume 3d 5d and 6d learn to create several styles of eyelashes for each client understanding that the eyes of the clients are like our fingerprints.
Included with the course
Eyelash Brush
Classic Mixed Eyelash
Practice Manual
Practice on Mannequins
Practice on Latex
Information of lic to work
Help for 6 Months via WhastsApp


  • Be your own Boss
  • Increase your earnings
  • Have your own business
We also have the entire line of products to facilitate the important work we teach you, you'll learn how to work with each of the products. With the work kit provided by our course and the investment of the course is recovered.


$100/down payment

The total cost of the course is: $850

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