Henna and Wax Class


Do you want to become a professional? Enjoy the course and learn exclusive techniques from professionals in Henna .


Why this course? 


The Course aims at perception when redesigning the eyebrow, following specific measures of each person's face using the visagism technique. The use of henna helps to cover gaps leaving the eyebrow naturally more outlined, improving the look in the visual.


The Course is aimed at beauty and aesthetics professionals, providing the participant with the correct learning of eyebrow modeling, through facial symmetry, employing the use of visagism techniques appropriate to the face profile and the client's need.






-       Skin Asepsis

-       Redesigning the Eyebrow

-       Visagism Technique

-       Eyebrow Beauty and Aesthetics

-       Eyebrow Shaping

-       Facial Symmetry

-       Design

-       Materials Used

-       Skin Hygiene







  • Expand your salon services
  • Increase your earnings
  • Have your own business
  • 6 hours of class




$50/down payment

The total cost of the course is: $250

* The purchase of several courses may be eligible for promotions, after purchase contact our offices